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Welcome to Character Development Incursion!

Age Group
Grades 4-6

Choose from Half Day, Full Day, or Weekly sessions.


While we recommend this program to be delivered over a term, we understand the need for flexibility. It can also be delivered with shorter sessions over a half day or full day to maximize engagement.

Pricing 2024
Starting from $750 + GST. Please note that minimum booking requirements and travel fees may apply.

Contact us for groups larger than 50 students.

Unlock the power of characterisation with our Character Development incursion, where emotions take center stage. Delve into the art of conveying emotions as the driving force behind character motivations, fostering empathy and deep connections with readers. Through engaging activities, students will craft compelling characters for their stories, integrating Makey Makey to elevate their creativity and invite valuable feedback.

Character Development supports a spectrum of skills essential for student growth, including sequencing, collaboration, and critical thinking. Students explore the intricacies of electrical circuits, investigating conductors and insulators while learning to connect systems for data exchange. Additionally, they hone language skills by carefully selecting descriptors for character appearance, behavior, and speech, fostering rich narrative development.

Join us in empowering your students to craft characters that resonate with readers and bring stories to life. Contact us today to schedule the Character Development incursion for your school and ignite a passion for storytelling in your students.