Innov8 eLearning works with you to design creative and engaging staff-centred or client-focussed learning and development programs.


Innov8 eLearning can develop a range of learning resources including screen recordings, animations, infographics, and interactive courses.


Innov8 eLearning will work with you to find the hosting solution that best meets your needs and requirements.

For Small Business

There are many benefits to incorporating eLearning but with the high costs involved, can they be justified for small to medium sized businesses? No they can't! Well, they couldn't until Innov8 eLearning was born. We specialise in providing affordable eLearning opportunities for small to medium businesses. Our method is simple, effective and affordable.

Bespoke eLearning

We offer the design and development of bespoke eLearning projects at a portion of the price that eLearning traditionally costs.

eLearning just got simpler and more accessible for smaller business.

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