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Family technology contracts

The Empathy Initiative’s Family Technology Contracts offer parents and schools a way to establish a common understanding about how to use digital devices in a safe and productive way. By initiating conversations between parents, students and their school, online behavioural issues and misuse of technology can be avoided and an open and ongoing dialogue established. By using our family digital contract, students can use the technology they want to and parents and schools can be assured that they are doing so safely and with empathy.

Why wait for a problem to arise when you can avoid it?

Available Features

The Empathy Initiative’s Family Technology Contracts are fully customisable.

  • Questions are set by the school and can include multiple question types such as check boxes, text fields, drop-down menus and more.
  • Conditional logic allows families to only be asked questions that are relevant to them.
  • Families can save their form and return to it before submitting.
  • Forms can be branded with your school’s logo and colours.
  • A nominated member of the school can receive a copy of each student’s contract.

Your contract can be presented to parents by The Empathy Initiative team in a customised launch presentation.

PriceFree$4 per student (for 12 months)$6 per student (for 12 months)
Number of students1-3940-359Unlimited
Number of forms113
– Check Boxes
– Radio Buttons
– Text Fields
– Drop Down Lists
– Links
– File Upload
– Multi Select
– Tables
– Custom Fields
Customise FormChoose a selection of questionsFull customisation
Conditional Logic
– questions appear based on answers given
– Fill and Submit
– Save and Continue
School Logo
School Theme
School Copy
– The school receives a copy of each contract created
The Empathy Initiative launch presentation at your school*
– 1hr = $400 value
Additional presentation/session*
– 1hr

*Additional fees may be applicable for schools located over 50km from Melbourne CBD.


“As a direct result of the education offered to our parents and students [by The Empathy Initiative] we have had minimal infractions from our primary students regarding on-line behaviour and misuse of digital technology. A common language between home and school has been established and as a result expectations for correct usage of technology have been clearly articulated from the start”.

  • Karen Friede, Head of Primary, Bialik College, Melbourne, Australia