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Welcome to Maker Makey: Operation Incursion!

Age Group
Grades 2-6

Choose from Half Day, Full Day, or Weekly sessions.


While we recommend this program to be delivered over a term, we understand the need for flexibility. It can also be delivered with shorter sessions over a half day or full day to maximize engagement.

Pricing 2024
Starting from $600 + GST. Please note that minimum booking requirements and travel fees may apply. Contact us for groups larger than 50 students.

Elevate your students’ learning experience with Maker Makey: Arcade, an exciting expansion of our most beloved program, Maker Arcade. In this immersive workshop, students will unleash their creativity as they use Makey Makey alongside cardboard and various materials to design and construct arcade games of their choice, from marble runs to basketball shooting and beyond. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is their imagination.

Adding Makey Makey to the mix introduces a new level of interaction and engagement to the learning process. Students will not only build their games but also discover how to create interactive experiences through innovative technology. Best of all, students will have the opportunity to keep their games, providing a lasting reminder of their creativity and ingenuity.

Maker Makey: Arcade supports a wide range of essential skills, including following sequential steps, collaborating effectively in group activities, and manipulating materials using various tools and equipment. Students will explore the principles of push and pull, investigate the effects of forces on object behavior, and recognize the importance of completing circuits for electricity flow. They’ll delve into electrical conductors and insulators, understand binary representation, and explore data exchange between systems.

Join us in empowering your students to become innovators, problem-solvers, and digital pioneers. Contact us today to schedule Maker Makey: Arcade for your school and unlock the potential of hands-on learning in your classroom.