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Maker Makey: Fusbal is a level up on one of our most popular makes from Maker Arcade. Using Makey Makey, your students will make a fusbal game with cardboard and other materials. Adding Makey Makey to the game brings another level of interaction into the learning experience with a digital score and other SFX. Students will be able to keep their Fusbal game*.

Maker Makey: Arcade supports lessons and learning through the students learning, or consolidating, a range of skills, including but not limited to:

  • Exploring how the principles of push and pull are used in the design of toys.
  • Exploring how different strengths of pushes and pulls affect the movement of objects.
  • Physically changing or combining everyday materials with other materials in a variety of ways for particular purposes.
  • The way objects move depends on a variety of factors including their size and shape: a push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape.
  • Recognising and using hardware and software components of digital systems and experimenting with their functions.
  • Recognising that a digital system follows instructions or commands.

Maker Makey: Fusbal

Age Group

Grades 5-6


Half day, Full day or Weekly sessions.

Pricing 2024^ (Inc. Materials)

From $400 + GST.

^Minimum booking, travel fees may apply.

Contact us for groups larger than 50 students.