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Maker Makey: Mini Mini Golf is our newest Maker Makey program. Using Makey Makey, students will make their own mini mini golf game with cardboard and other materials. Students will be able to keep their mini mini golf game*.

Maker Makey: Mini Mini Golf supports lessons and learning through the students learning, or consolidating, a range of skills, including but not limited to:

  • Producing models using materials, tools and equipment to show how to control movement and sound.
  • Demonstrating that an on/off state in a circuit can represent the digits one and zero.
  • Identifying necessary components for an electric circuit such as a source of electrical energy and conducting material such as metal wires.
  • Constructing a real or virtual circuit to examine requirements to allow the flow of electricity, including exploring the construction and role of switches.
  • Investigating different electrical conductors and insulators and examining why they may be used.

Maker Makey: Mini Mini Golf

Age Group

Grades 5-6


Half Day, Full Day, or Weekly sessions. We recommend this program for a half day or full day, however, it can be delivered with shorter sessions over several days/weeks.

Pricing 2024^ (Inc. Materials)

From $400 + GST.

^Minimum booking, travel fees may apply.

Contact us for groups larger than 50 students.