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Welcome to Maker Makey: Operation Incursion!

Age Group
Grades 5-6

Choose from Half Day, Full Day, or Weekly sessions.


While we recommend this program to be delivered over a term, we understand the need for flexibility. It can also be delivered with shorter sessions over a half day or full day to maximize engagement.

Pricing 2024
Starting from $600 + GST. Please note that minimum booking requirements and travel fees may apply. Contact us for groups larger than 50 students.

Step into the world of innovation and hands-on learning with Maker Makey: Operation, our original Maker Makey program. In this captivating incursion, students will dive into the realm of circuitry and creativity as they design and construct their own version of the classic Operation game using Makey Makey, cardboard, and various materials. Not only will students have a blast bringing their game to life, but they’ll also have the opportunity to proudly take their Operation game home, sparking further exploration and learning.

Maker Makey: Operation isn’t just about building games – it’s a dynamic educational experience that fosters a range of essential skills. Through engaging activities, students will produce models using materials, tools, and equipment to control movement and sound. They’ll demonstrate their understanding of circuitry principles by representing digits one and zero in an on/off state, identify necessary components for electric circuits, and construct real or virtual circuits to explore electricity flow requirements. Additionally, they’ll investigate different electrical conductors and insulators, gaining valuable insights into their applications.

Join us in empowering your students to become creators, problem-solvers, and critical thinkers. Contact us today to schedule Maker Makey: Operation for your school and unlock the potential of hands-on learning in your classroom.