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Welcome to Maker Motion: Come Fly With Me Incursion!

Age Group
Grades 3-4

Choose from Half Day, Full Day, or Weekly sessions.


While we recommend this program to be delivered over a term, we understand the need for flexibility. It can also be delivered with shorter sessions over a half day or full day to maximize engagement.

Pricing 2024
Starting from $600 + GST. Please note that minimum booking requirements and travel fees may apply. Contact us for groups larger than 50 students.

Embark on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery with our Come Fly With Me workshop. Designed to ignite curiosity and engage young minds, this workshop provides students with a platform to explore the fascinating world of paper planes and the principles of motion.

In Come Fly With Me, students will have the opportunity to create a variety of paper planes, discovering firsthand how pushing or pulling on an object can initiate or halt its motion, or alter its direction of travel. Through hands-on activities, students will delve into the fundamentals of forces and their effects on object behavior, while mastering the art of paper plane design and flight.

This workshop supports a range of essential skills, including identifying how forces can be exerted between objects, investigating the impact of frictional and gravitational forces on object motion, and enhancing communication and collaboration skills. Students will follow sequential steps, collaborate effectively in group scenarios, and manipulate materials to create movement, all while exploring the principles of push and pull.

Join us in empowering your students to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and aviation enthusiasts. Contact us today to schedule the Come Fly With Me workshop for your school and watch your students soar to new heights of learning and discovery.