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The Maker Motion: Fidgets workshop is all about fidget toys… and forces. Students will learn how forces can be exerted by one object on another by making a flextangle and/or fidget spinner.

Maker Motion: Fidgets supports lessons and learning through the students learning, or consolidating, a range of skills, including but not limited to:

  • Identify how forces can be exerted by one object on another.
  • Investigate the effect of frictional and gravitational forces on the motion of objects.
  • Communication
  • Following a sequence of steps.
  • Collaborating in group scenarios/activities.
  • Manipulating materials to create movement.
  • Exploring the principles of push and pull.
  • Investigating the effect of forces on the behaviour of an object through different actions.

Important Information & Requirements

  • 90-120 minutes or half day sessions available.
  • Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 50 students.
  • We can run a maximum of three sessions a day.
  • The ideal location for this incursion is a large indoor area.
  • We require access to the incursion location 30-60 minutes before the start time to begin setting up.
  • Teachers are responsible for supervision of students at all times.

Suitability: Grades 2-4

Number of students: Max 50

Duration: 90-120 Minutes, Half Day

2024 Pricing^ (Inc. Materials): From $400 + GST

^Minimum booking, travel fees may apply.