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Welcome to Maker Makey: Operation Incursion!

Age Group
Grades 4-6

Choose from Half Day, Full Day, or Weekly sessions.


While we recommend this program to be delivered over a term, we understand the need for flexibility. It can also be delivered with shorter sessions over a half day or full day to maximize engagement.

Pricing 2024
Starting from $750 + GST. Please note that minimum booking requirements and travel fees may apply. Contact us for groups larger than 50 students.

Embark on a transformative journey with our Build Empathy workshop, designed to equip your students with essential skills for fostering greater online safety and compassionate digital citizenship. This incursion is not just about cultivating empathy; it’s about empowering students to create a safer and more caring online community.

Throughout the workshop, students will delve into empathy, gaining a profound understanding that enables them to recognize and respect diverse viewpoints and perspectives, reflect on personal biases, and empathize with both their own and others’ emotions. They’ll learn to articulate the significance of empathy in promoting positive online interactions and engage in meaningful discussions on demonstrating empathy in various online scenarios.

Empower your students to navigate the online world with compassion and resilience. Contact us today to schedule the Build Empathy workshop and foster a safer, more empathetic digital community in your school.