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Creative Writing with Makey Makey

Author and educator, Jeremy Kalbstein, provides opportunities for your students to enhance and extend their writing with engaging activities and the use of Makey Makey. Jeremy offers a suite of writing workshps from planning to infographic storytelling. Integrating Language Arts with Science and Technology, this is a true STEAM experience not to be missed.

Interactive Picture Books

Infographic Storytelling

Character Development

Planning & Structuring

Interactive Picture Books

In Interactive Picture Books, your students will discover how to put together an interactive picture book from scratch. They will learn how to plan and write a picture book story before adding engaging and supportive illustrations in a thoughtfully designed layout.

An optional extra is to integrate the use of Makey Makey, they will learn about electrical circuits while coding interactions for their readers. This incursion is a relevant, creative and truly integrative approach to STEAM learning.

Infographic Storytelling

Transform complexity into clarity.

Infographic Storytelling, also known as visual storytelling, involves the integration of data and design with story and visuals. Your students will learn how to create an infographic. When students create infographics, they are using information, visual, and technology literacies.

Character Development

Emotions. Emotions. Emotions.

The key to characterisation is the author’s ability to convey emotions as the driving force behind a character’s motivations as well as bringing out a reader’s emotions. Particuarly, empathy. This is how, and why, reader’s connect, and want to connect, with characters and the story.

Planning & Structuring

Plotting versus Pantsing?

No doubt some of your students would prefer pantsing. Pantsing is ‘writing community lingo’ for flying by the seat of your pants. In other words, writing as you go. Plotting, is thereby, in opposition to pantsing. Plotting requires the planning and plotting of story arcs. The Planning and Structuring workshop focusses on plotting by introducing students to The Hero’s Journey and/or the Three-Act Structure using some well known stories such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Lion King.

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