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The Empathy Initiative – eSafety Incursions

Empathy is a fundamental human trait required to communicate and connect with other people. For people to understand each other and have positive effects on individuals and society, empathy is essential.

Empathetic people tend to have greater wellbeing and happier and healthier lives and it is the first step in doing right by others.

The Empathy Initiative develops empathy in students, inspires them to take action and transform themselves from bystanders to ‘upstanders’ in bullying and cyberbullying situations, and encourages them to be mindful of how they use digital technologies.

Build Empathy

Be An Upstander

Digital Empathy

Technology Contracts

Build Empathy

With the Build Empathy Workshop, your students will be on their way to greater wellbeing, and happier and healthier lives through the building of empathy.

The Build Empathy Workshop is interactive and gives your students the opportunity to further develop their empathy with strategies backed by research.

Be An Upstander

With the Be An Upstander Workshop, your students will be on their way to a happier and safer online experience for all.

The Be An Upstander Workshop, will equip your students with strategies for choosing to be upstanders, not bystanders, thereby contributing to safer online experiences for them and their friends.

Digital Empathy

With the Digital Empathy Workshop, your students will be able to implement digital and behavioural strategies to reduce digital distractions.

With The Digital Empathy Workshop, your students will be equipped with strategies to reduce their digital distractions enabling the development of empathy, and a greater ability to focus and manage their emotions.

Family Technology Contracts

The Empathy Initiative’s Family Technology Contracts offer parents and schools a way to establish a common understanding about how to use digital devices in a safe and productive way. By initiating conversations between parents, students and their school, online behavioural issues and misuse of technology can be avoided and an open and ongoing dialogue established.

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